Selina King

Jacqueline's Organic Diamond Necklace

This was a custom necklace I designed for my beautiful friend Jacqueline. As she and I sat in her office originally to look over the diamonds she had, the main one being her Grandmother’s, the lamp next to me started to flicker. Jacqueline in amazement started to laugh and said that lamp is interesting. I’ve never changed the bulb in it and it’s lasted for years and now it’s flickering as you sit here. I have a feeling that my Grandmother gave her approval for this project.

I love telling the story behind these designs because it is such an integral part of the process of what I do. Jacqueline wanted to take her Grandmother’s diamond, which is now the center stone on the new necklace, and make something she could wear every day. She had a bunch of other diamonds from old pieces that she didn’t wear so we were able to repurpose those as well. So when I went through and took out everything and this is the design that spoke to me. She wanted to have a medallion but with a unique more bohemian feel and not super fancy. I went with this cool sunburst effect and a brushed finish for the final piece to give it the look I was going for.

The center diamond of her grandmother is just stunning and when we finally met at Jacqueline’s office again and she put the necklace on she started to cry. So I started to cry too. The piece could not have looked more beautiful on her.

When I see my customer’s reaction to a piece I designed for them, it is by far one of the best parts of what I do. It looked so perfect on her. I am humbled by all of my clients who give me the opportunity to bring a new life to their older pieces.

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