In addition to her Classic and Fine collections, Selina offers Custom Designs for clients seeking to create a one-of-a-kind, meaningful piece of jewelry. Whether brainstorming a design and sourcing a diamond to make an engagement ring, or repurposing family stones into a beautiful, personal piece to pass along to future  generations, Selina pours her heart into every project. You’ll walk away from the experience with a piece that perfectly expresses your style while representing Selina’s distinct touch. 


What to Expect  

Selina works closely with you from conception to completion, ensuring the finished piece captures your vision.  

1) Initial Consultation - Clients are offered an initial consultation to discuss their custom project ideas/wants, where Selina walks you through the initial steps of creating your design. 

2) Diamond and/or Stone Sourcing - If you are not using heirloom stones, Selina ethically sources  several diamond or stone options according to your preferences. Along with sourcing modern cut diamonds, Selina loves incorporating antique stones and diamonds into her designs. 

3) First Design and Sketches - After the initial consultation and stone sourcing, Selina presents her concept to you. These flat renderings give a sense of the design, and you’ll then work with Selina  to refine the project until it’s exactly what you picture imagine/are envisioning.  

4) Creating a Sample - After the concept is finalized, a wax is started and a three-dimensional image is created so that you can experience the piece physically. From there, any remaining adjustments are made before the next step: a silver sample is made from the wax to try on. After the clients final approval, Selina carries out the last of her fine-tuning.  

5) Creating the Piece - Once final adjustments to the wax model, the piece is created in either 14k gold, 18k gold, or platinum. Next, the accompanying stones are handset and the final polish and touches are made. Your new custom piece is complete! 

Request a Consultation 

If you have a piece in mind and would like to set up an initial consultation, we encourage you to reach out to begin the process of creating something truly unique. Email us at