The Selina King Empowerment Project seeks to bring connection and beauty into the lives of deserving women. If you know someone who is selfless, loving and has done incredible acts of kindness for others, we would like to meet them. To nominate, please reach out to us at    

Our hearts were immediately touched by Samantha when we heard her story. Samantha has raised her great-niece and great-nephew as her own since their births. Their mother was unable to care for them and take on the responsibility when each was born. They are two beautiful children, Jazmine and Ty, 8 and 6 years old. Jazmine has significant special needs, including autism and an inability to speak. Both children have severe food allergies, which Samantha has only met with more love. Samantha struggles to provide for both children as Jazmine requires full-time care, prohibiting Samantha from being able to work. She has also taken on the care of her elderly father, and they now all live together. The love Samantha has for these children goes beyond words. Her message, "Love, not blood, makes a parent," rings so true in her journey to care for both children.

Samantha’s story was brought to our attention, and we knew she would be the perfect candidate for our Empowerment Project. Selina met with Samantha for the first time during the holidays last month and Samantha chose the Classic Collar. Selina could not help but also treat her to some other special gifts after meeting her, by chance, on her birthday and realizing the depth of her story and what she has taken on. Through some wonderful friends, we were able to organize an afternoon at the salon for her to get her hair done and provide a full Christmas dinner for Samantha, her father, and the children.

Thank you, Samantha, for letting us into your life, and for being a part of the SK Empowerment Project. You are a true example of selflessness and love.