The Selina King Empowerment Project seeks to bring connection and beauty into the lives of deserving women. If you know someone who is selfless, loving and has done incredible acts of kindness for others, we would like to meet them. To nominate, please reach out to us at


Mrs. Josephine’s story touched my heart immediately, and I’m so honored to be able to share it with you. Mrs. Josephine learned of her next door neighbor, whose newborn baby was recently taken away because her drug addiction compromised the child’s health and safety. The young mother was a friend of her niece, and Mrs. Josephine wanted to help. She was allowed to take the baby as a temporary situation to help until the mother got clean. After some time, the mother continued to test positive for drugs and was kicked out of multiple treatment facilities. Mrs. Josephine gained custody of the baby as well as the mother’s two other children, so they could all stay together. She raised all three children on her own. With the help of Bluffton Self Help, she has been able to provide for all three children. The oldest is now in college, and the other two are in kindergarten and second grade.

Her story is so overwhelmingly beautiful and touching, as is she. I knew I wanted to donate a piece to her. She accepted and we met after she selected a pair of Paloma Hoops from my website. Here is a letter she wrote explaining her story.