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Empowerment Project

Growing up, my family had very little money. My parents did charity work often, and there was always someone we were helping. My father told me, “Even though we don’t have much money, there is someone else in a worse situation. We need to help others.” I’ve lived by this rule my entire life, and I will never forget what my father and mother did for so many. I have been given an ability, a gift I can share with women to empower them and make them feel good about themselves. I’ve donated to many organizations in the past, but now I felt it had come full circle.

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Curated Selection Of Custom Projects

Selina offers Custom Designs for clients seeking to create  a one-of-a-kind, meaningful piece of jewelry.

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About The Designer

Selina King

A passion for people, a love for creating, and a desire to give back. In 2012, Selina took the plunge and started her business, merging the industry lessons she learned with the ones gained from observing her parents. Before long and largely through word-of-mouth, Selina King grew into a full-fledged brand with an identity melded from her lifelong experience: jewelry for people from all walks of life that fuses the high-end with the everyday.
As Selina’s brand grew, she made a concentrated effort to give back through donations but missed the personal element so integral to her parents’ identity. In 2018, Selina found her answer: the Selina King Empowerment Project, a way to recognize, honor, and thank women who put others before themselves.

Photo by Lynn Bagley

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