Selina King

Jared & Ashley's Wedding Diamond Bands


This was a really spiritual & beautiful custom project for an awesome couple. Jared & Ashley came to me to create wedding bands from rings that belonged to both of their grandmothers. Ashley wanted to create a band to match her engagement ring that was passed down to her by Jared’s mom. Jared wanted to create a signet ring with his grandmother’s princess cut diamonds. Both Jared and Ashley only wanted to use the diamonds & gold from the antique rings. It was a super sweet process and their wedding was just perfect.The last photo is of the original rings. I cried when the rings were exchanged. It’s such an incredible feeling to be a part of not only the process of creating bands using their grandmother’s diamonds but to also be a part of the new union they’ve created with the rings I designs for them. It pretty special and I’m incredibly honored they chose me to make them.  

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