Selina King

Tracy's Gray Diamond V Necklace

This project warmed my heart so much. The piece was custom designed for one of my friends Tracy after her sweet husband Terry reached out to me. In may they lost their 16-year-old rescue dog, Violet, to old age. Tracy found Violet at a kill shelter in Harlan County Kentucky when she was 12 weeks old. She was their best friend & went everywhere with them. He really wanted to create something special for Tracy in Violet’s memory.

As soon as I saw Violet’s picture I knew I wanted to design something using a gradient of grey diamonds. Terry wanted me to design something classic but with a little twist that Tracy could wear all the time. So I designed a soft V shape for Violet’s name but also reflects Angel wings. The diamond colors just brought everything together. When I dropped the piece off to them we all teared up. Pictures don’t do it justice. The necklace was actually somewhat delicate and laid so beautifully on Tracy. We have spoken often since then about how much this piece meant to them and how much they love it. I was so honored to be a part of creating this design in Violet’s memory. 

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