Selina King

Andrea's Antique Glass Emerald Ring


This gorgeous antique stone is one of my more recent custom projects. The stone was taken from a ring that belonged to my client Andrea’s great great grandmother. In 1945 Andrea’s grandmother was given the stone but she has no idea really how old it is. Andrea’s grandmother then gave Andrea the stone, as it goes to every other generation. Andrea loved the color and cut of the stone but the band had become very thin and worn down. She decide she wanted to put it into a new design that was sturdier and that she could wear all of the time. Together we worked on a design for something classic but beautiful that would be great for every day, especially with Andrea’s busy lifestyle.

I’m so in love with how this ring came out. The history behind it makes it that much more special. Also, it could not have looked more stunning on Andrea. I was so excited to give it to her. 

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