Selina King

Christy's Georgian Engagement Ring

I designed this engagement ring for one of my dearest friends. She has exceptional taste and loves antique jewelry so this ring was a true challenge for me. I always feel the pressure to get a custom project absolutely perfect but whenever I’m designing for my close friends it feels like the pressure is even more intense but in a good way. Mainly because I know the customer so well.

I went through quite a few versions of this ring before getting it to have the perfect antique feel I was going for. The diamond, which is gorgeous, is a family heirloom from her now fiancé Nick. I wanted to give the ring a Georgian Era setting but with a Victorian feel as well. I also wanted it to feel 70’s too because these are all eras Christy loves in jewelry. It was a lot of elements to put in one ring but I was up for the challenge!

To give it an even more antique feel I added some tiny diamonds from the 1800s to the band. The patina around the setting and the 200-year-old diamonds adds that vintage touch that I was going for. The ring turned out absolutely perfect and when Christy & I finally spoke after she received it we had a total crying session over the phone. It made me so happy she loved it so much after all the love I had put into it. 

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